University of Western Ontario
(Western University) / UWO

UWO Eye exam and UWO vision insurance coverage.

Undergraduate Students

Your USC benefit plan covers (every two years):

  • $70 per eye exam
  • $150 toward glasses/contacts

We direct bill (at Campus Vision UWO), so you pay only the difference (as low as $20 for an eye exam!).

We also offer complete eyewear packages starting at $150 so they can be completed covered by the student insurance!

For more information, see

Graduate Students

Your SOGS benefit plan covers:

  • $200 every 24 months toward an eye exam, glasses and contact lenses

Are you a T.A.? The union -- P.S.A.C. Local 610 (graduate teaching assistants and postdoctoral students) also covers:

  • Up to $250 extended health plan - may be applied toward eye exams, glasses & contact lenses
  • Subject to certain limitations - see

Faculty & Staff

  • Most faculty & staff at UWO are covered by Manulife. You may also be covered under your spouse's private insurance plan(s)
  • Coverage and coverage cycle varies depending on your employee group, please see the UWO Human Resources "Your Benefits" page for more details, or contact the HR department (519-661-2194) or Manulife.
  • We are unable to pre-authorize or verify eligibility for Manulife, however for those who have signed up for the online claims site for Manulife, we may be able to direct submit electronic claims on your behalf.