Private Insurance & Direct Billing

For student insurance, see our student benefits page.

Direct billing available for:

Since many insurers do not offer a pre-authorization service for providers, all patients must verify their own insurance eligibility and reimbursement with their insurer.

Direct billing or direct submission services provided by Campus Vision are provided as a convenience only and reimbursement is subject to the terms and limitations of your insurance policy.

Direct billing

When supported by your insurer, we will attempt to direct bill claims. Any amount covered will be deducted from your invoice and you pay only the remaining balance.

If your insurer does not support direct billing, we will attempt to electronically submit the claim (saves you any paperwork, but the insurer will reimburse you instead of us).

If we are unable to direct-bill the claim on the day of your visit, you are responsible to render full payment on the day of service for the full cost of services and products rendered.

Ask ahead and call your insurer so there are no surprises. Some insurers require specific steps be completed in advance (such as signing up for their online claims portal) before your account can be direct-billed.

Health spending accounts

Health spending accounts are usually not capable of direct billing. In some cases we may be able to submit the claim for you, but the insurer will reimburse the patient directly (i.e. cheque or direct deposit) and it is not deducted from your Campus Vision invoice.

Please note...

While we make every effort to achieve direct billing or electronic submission for your claim, we are limited by the capabilities and systems provided by your insurer.

A note about recalls (exam reminders)

Eye exam recall frequency (appointment reminders) are based on the Canadian Association of Optometrists - Frequency of Eye Examinations policy.

The frequency of recalls are sent on the basis of clinical evidence and best medical practices. Receiving an automated recall e-mail from our clinic does not indicate that we have any knowledge of your insurance eligibility.