Insurance - Am I Covered?

Vision coverage is sometimes available from:


*direct billing subject to the restrictions of the insurer (for example, some insurers require that you are activated on their online claims site before they will accept direct bill e-claims)

Please note

Some government and most private insurance plans pay only a portion of the fee for service or for products. The patient is responsible for paying any balance not covered by insurance.

We make every effort to ensure the information presented on our website is accurate, however please verify your own eligibility and coverage amounts with your insurer as you are responsible for the cost of all services rendered.

What if I have multiple insurance plans?

Most plans allow for co-ordination of benefits to combine benefits from multiple plans (with the exception of certain social services and Indian Affairs plans which will only act as a payer-of-last-resort and do not allow combined billing with other plans).

Many patients find they are covered under multiple insurance plans (i.e. a student insurance plan and their parents' insurance plans).  In this case, we will usually direct bill the primary insurance and the patient may submit their own claim to the secondary insurance plan(s) for further coverage.