Eyeglasses Returns & Exchanges

Prescription eyewear is a custom, made-to-order product.  Once lenses have gone into production, we cannot offer a refund. However, please let us know if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your eyewear purchase and we will work with you to make it right.

See below for some typical reasons for lens re-do's.

Doctor's Rx Changes

Occasionally, a prescription needs to be re-done based on a doctor's change.  This typically occurs after a prescription re-check appointment.

  • For prescriptions by doctors at Campus Vision: A one time, no charge recheck appointment will be provided. New lenses required due to prescription change will be made at no charge within 30 days of dispensing. Re-check visits after 30 days may be charged the usual fee for a prescription check.
  • If a Campus Vision prescription was filled elsewhere: We will not be responsible for any charges incurred. Most reputable optical dispensaries allow doctor rx changes at no charge, but it is up to the patient to inquire about such policies and timelines in advance of purchase.
  • For prescriptions we filled by other doctors: We will re-make lenses one time at no charge if the prescribing doctor provides a new prescription in writing within 30 days of dispensing. An rx change after one free remake or after 30 days will be charged the usual lens price.


If the prescription lenses are not performing to your satisfaction, within 30 days of the purchase date (90 days for progressive lenses), we will re-make the lenses at no charge in order to resolve the concern.

This may require a return visit to our optometrist (or the outside optometrist who wrote your prescription) to verify your prescription and create a lens re-make plan.

We will issue a credit if the new lens is less expensive, or charge the difference if you upgrade to a more expensive lens.

Frame Change

If you are dissatisfied with your frame selection, within 30 days of purchase you may exchange your frame one time for a different frame. No credit will be issued for a frame selected of lower value, and you will be charged the difference for frames of a higher value.

If existing lenses cannot be re-edged into new frame, new lenses to fit the frame will be provided at 50% of the original purchase price. Frame exchanged must be in original, re-sellable condition and the frame case and any certificates of authenticity (if applicable) must be returned.