Product Warranties

Most lenses and frames sold by Campus Vision carry a two-year, one-time replacement warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty covers manufacturer defects only and does not apply to damage to to improper care or cleaning.

Certain premium brand lenses carry an unlimited 2-year warranty for scratches - contact us for details.

We will assist whenever possible with facilitating product replacement when covered by this manufacturer warranty.  

If an eyeglasses frame or lenses are "in warranty" but we are unable to obtain an identical replacement product from the manufacturer for whatever reason, we reserve the right to substitute a product of similar quality and value.


Frame warranty covers manufacturer defects only (for example, failure of a spring hinge, discoloration or paint chipping, solder point or frame breakage under normal usage.

Damage due to lack of reasonable care to the frame (for example, stepping on a frame, bending the frame or exposing the frame to extreme heat) is not covered.

Repairs or alterations to a frame by an unauthorized third party will usually void the manufacturer warranty.


Lens warranty (2 years) is a one-time replacement for scratches (during normal usage) or manufacturer defects in the coating or lens material. Lenses returned with scratches that penetrate the coating and the underlying substrate will not be eligible for warranty replacement as this indicates that scratches were not the result of normal use.

Certain premium lenses (Hoya EX3 and Recharge) carry a two-year, unlimited replacement policy for scratches from normal use. This unlimited replacement guarantee is subject to reasonable frequency of replacement and limited to acceptance by Hoya. Lenses that were not properly cared for or are unreasonably damaged do not quality.

Lenses are scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof! When they aren’t on your face, put them in the case!


We will replace damaged or defective contact lenses purchased from our office as long as your contact lens prescription is not expired.

If your prescription has changed, we offer an exchange program to upgrade to your current prescription - ask in clinic for details!