Prescription Rechecks

If you are having difficulty with a prescription issued by a Campus Vision doctor, one recheck will be provided for a period of 90 days from the exam date.  Contact the clinic by phone or in person to arrange for the recheck appointment.

Costs associated with changes other than the prescription re-check (i.e. new medical concerns, concerns about glasses or contact lenses purchased outside our clinic) will be charged at our usual office visit rates.

What is included in a re-check appointment

A re-check will involve trial framing or presenting the prescribed lens power via phoroper to the patient to confirm whether the prescription is correct and expected visual acuity is achieved.  Evaluation of glasses purchased elsewhere are not included in a re-check and may be billed as an additional service. 

If your trial framed/phoropter viewed prescription as originally issued is acceptable to you, then no prescription change will be issued.  Most often prescription issues are the result of improperly measured/fitted glasses from outside sources (i.e. online) rather than a lens power issue.

If a prescription change is necessary...

See our glasses exchange policy and contact lens exchange policy for details.  In short, we will re-make eyeglass lenses and exchange contact lenses purchased from our clinic at no charge within a limited timeframe of the original exam date if a prescription change is found.