Using An Existing Frame For Lenses

When making an investment in new lenses, it is important to consider whether a new, in-warranty frame may be the best choice.  A new frame will last longer and we can provide warranty service on the frame.  Most frames are warrantied for 1 to 2 years by the original seller and styles are frequently discontinued and cannot be replaced after that time.

However, in an effort to accommodate patients, we are happy to re-use your existing frame for new lenses, subject to the following conditions. 

Limitation of liability

We are very careful when handling, disassembling and re-assembling patient supplied frames.  However, there are many factors that may cause a frame to break or damage to occur which are not apparent at the time of the order.

Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for breakage or damage to patient's own frame and are unable to accept responsibility for loss in transit (i.e. to or from our optical lab).

In the case of a broken frame we offer our sincerest apologies, but it is a risk that cannot be avoided.

Our liability is limited to refunding any patient-own-frame fees charged (typically $20).  As a courtesy we will also offer the remedies as described below.

Remedies available if a frame is broken

In the rare occasion that frame breakage occurs, we will offer the patient the choice of the following options:

  • free frame from our $99 Campus Vision Frame Package collection, or
  • 25% discount on any frame in stock, or
  • you may bring in another frame to use

We will also refund any patient-own-frame fee charged (if applicable).

In most cases we cannot refund the lens purchase as the lenses have already been custom-made for your prescription.  An alternate frame is required to complete the job.

How we inspect your frame

There are many factors that may not be apparent at the time of the order which cause a frame to break.  For example, acetate can be come brittle, metal solder points fail, spring hinges detach, or nose pad arms break off.  Even a great quality farme that is a few years old may be affected by age or material degredation factors. 

When a patient frame is provided, we will perform a check on any obvious signs of wear and tear and do our best to advise of potential risks of frame breakage.  In all cases, we will verbally confirm that using your frame is at your own risk and we will note this in the job order.

However, our inspection cannot provide any assurance that the frame will not break due to unforseen circumstances. Therefore, we do not provide any guarantee regarding the fitness of the frame for lens glazing when you are providing your own frame.

Applicable fees

We will typically charge a patient-own-frame fee for the time and expense of de-mounting, cleaning, edging and mounting lenses into your existing frame.  This fee is typcally $20 but depends on the complexity of the lens mount.